Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Around The World: China

Even though we are only up to our third country in our Around The World series with our children it has already been a fun experience.  Even more so recently with the recent summer Olympics. Although we did see Afghanistan in the Parade of Nations, we haven't seen much of them since.  However, we've been watching a lot of the swimming races and it's so cute (and makes us proud!) when my just turned 4 year old son says, "We know that flag!" when we see the Brazilian flag. 

Our next stop in our trip around the world is letter "C" for China. We've seen a lot of the flag of China during the Olympics!  Choosing this country was really easy.  As soon as we said we were up to a "C" country our daughter said China since "it's my favorite food."  However, choosing what to make wasn't so easy.  I know American Chinese food and China Chinese food can be very different.   Then we had to choose dishes that we knew (or hoped!) the kids would enjoy.  I hope you enjoy these next few days of "China" recipes as much as we did, whether they are authentic Chinese or not! 

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