Friday, December 23, 2011

Chocolate-Dipped Pretzel Rods

We will be going to my cousin's house tomorrow evening for Christmas Eve.  Normally, we don't exchange presents with each other and just get presents for the kids.  Since I had some extra time, not working and all, I decided to make a mixed variety of chocolate covered pretzels to give as a small gift to family members tomorrow.  I was excited to find one box of Wilton's Holiday Sprinkles set left on the shelf at my local Michael's store yesterday. Even better, I got to use my 50% off coupon and got the set for $5!  I already mentioned that my husband took off today and he was nice enough to help me make these.  I dipped the pretzels in the chocolate and then he sprinkled on the toppings. 

2 -16 oz. bags of pretzel rods
12 oz. bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips
6 oz. of white chocolate chips
4 crushed candy canes
red/white sugar crystals (from sprinkle set)
red/white/green nonpareils (from sprinkle set)

I put the semi-sweet chocolate chips in a microwaveable-safe bowl and melted in the microwave in 30 second increments, using 50% power.  I coated 2/3 of the pretzel rod with the melted chocolate, using  a spoon to help spread it out.  My husband then sprinkled on the crushed candy canes on one set, and the red/white sugar crystals on another set, placing on a cookie sheet lined with waxed paper after he was done.  We then refrigerated for approximately 20 minutes, until the chocolate hardened.  Another set we just put in the refrigerator after I dipped in the chocolate.  After they hardened, we put some melted white chocolate in a sandwich bag, cut off the tip, and drizzled over the hardened semi-sweet chocolate.  The last set of pretzels we dipped in melted white chocolate (using the same microwave method we used for the semi-sweet chocolate) and sprinkled with the nonpareils.  The total number of pretzels made depends on how many "whole" (non-broken) pretzel rods come in the bag.  Altogether, we ended up with 58 whole pretzel rods.

Once all of the chocolate was hardened, I put 2 of each pretzel in a cellophane bag and wrapped with ribbon, as seen in the above pic.

We made "tester" pretzels with all of the broken pretzel rods and the family sampled all of the different pretzels. The rest of the pretzels I am saving to serve with dessert on Christmas day.

I am already planning on making these for some of the staff at my daughter's school for NEXT Christmas. 

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