Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Children's Book Review: Super Fly Guy

Super Fly Guy
Super Fly Guy
Written by:  Tedd Arnold
Published by: Cartwheel Books, 2006
32 pages

FLY GUY is off to school.
Will he make trouble?
Or will he save the day?

* Tedd Arnold has recently written the 10th book in the Fly Guy series.  This was the first book of the series that we've read.  In Super Fly Guy, Fly Guy goes to school with Buzz and ends up helping out in the cafteria. The storyline is not so great, although I can see the appeal for younger kids.  Who doesn't like gross, stinky garbage?! The illustrations are great and it's a "chapter" book (if you call 3 small chapters a chapter book!) with large print which is good for beginning readers.

Family Rating: one thumb up.  (the kids liked it, the adults didn't).

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