Friday, December 9, 2011

Video from Santa

Last year a friend sent me the following link from the "Portable North Pole."  It's a great site that lets you personalize a video to your child from Santa.  You can decide if they are naughty or nice, upload a profile pic of your child and some important events from the year, and let Santa know the present that they really want this year.  It's super cute and will let them know that Santa's watching them all year and knows how they've been behaving. The message gets sent to your e-mail (unless your child has their own e-mail address) and the sender is "Santa Claus." 

 I spent some time last night creating videos for my kids.  I'm going to wait until this weekend to show them , when my husband can enjoy seeing their expressions with me!  Our  daugher has really been giving us a difficult time these past few days with her rudeness and bad attitude.  I told Santa she's been naughty for her video message.  In her message Santa gives her a warning that there's still time to change her behavior.  I'm hoping that this will be incentive for her to change her attitude over these next few weeks!  Check out the link below:

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