Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Children's Book Review: It's Christmas, David!

It's Christmas, David!

It's Christmas, David!
Written by:  David Shannon
Published by: The Blue Sky Press, 2010
32 pages

Readers of all ages will vividly remember trying to peek at hidden gift packages; writing scrolls of wish lists to Santa; and struggling to behave at formal Christmas dinner parties. Always in the background, we know Santa Claus is watching, soon to decide if David deserves a shiny new fire truck or a lump of coal under the tree. From playing with delicate ornaments to standing in an endlessly long line for Santa, here are common Christmas activities--but with David's naughty trimmings. A surefire hit that is destined to be an annual classic.

* Our family are huge "David"fans.  We've read and own all of the other David books in the series, and some other David Shannon books. Although we took this book out from the library, we may have to add it to our own collection before next Christmas.  David is always getting into trouble and in this book, it's all things related to Christmas - having trouble patiently waiting in line to see Santa, trying to eat the Christmas cookies, playing with the breakable ornaments....many things that my kids could relate to. The twist at the end had me worried for David! This is a great Christmas book reinforcing the good manners needed for the holidays.

Family Rating: 2 thumbs up!

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