Monday, December 5, 2011

Children's Book Review: Tina Cocolina: Queen of the Cupcakes

Tina Cocolina: Queen of the Cupcakes

Tina Cocolina:  Queen of the Cupcakes
Written by:  Pablo Cartaya and Martin Howard
Illustrated by:  Kirsten Richards
Published by: Random House, 2010
48 pages

Fans of Fancy Nancy and Pinkalicious will adore Tina Cocolina, a sweet little cupcake of a girl with a sense of adventure and a flair for fashion who’s on the hunt for her perfect topping. This mouthwatering picture book includes cupcake and frosting recipes from an award-winning pastry chef, maestro Martin Howard.

* I have to say that I'm into the recent, but now getting old, cupcake craze.  They are the perfect size treat, when you're craving something cakey and sweet. I think this book is a result of the cupcake's recent popularity. The illustrations in the story are great and made us very hungry for cupcakes as we were reading.  The premise of the story was decent - a girl on a search for her perfect topping.  I had a problem with the ending though and honestly didn't think that Tina deserved to win. She was late to the competition, which was unfair to all the other cupcake kids who made their toppings in time. And is strawberry banana really all that original of a flavor?! Recipes for some cupcakes are included at the end of the book in case you're inspired to bake after reading! 

Family Rating: 1 thumb up.

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