Friday, August 10, 2012

Children's Book Review: The Empty Pot

The Empty Pot

The Empty Pot
Written and illustrated by:  Demi
Published by: Henry Holt and Company, 1990

This is a story about a boy who loves flowers but is unable to grow one in the emperor's contest. Demi's exquisite art and beautifully simple text show how Ping's seeming failure is turned around in this satisfying tale of honesty rewarded.

* In this story, a young boy in China named Ping has a green thumb.  When the emperor is looking for a successor he has all the children come to him and gives them each a seed to plant.  In a year whoever can show him their best will become successor.  Ping lovingly attends to his seed but nothing grows.  When it comes time to bring his flower pot to the emperor, what will he do?  This was a story with a great lesson.  My husband read this to the kids and they all enjoyed it a lot.

Family Rating: 1 1/2 thumbs up.

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