Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Children's Book Review: I'm So Not Wearing a Dress

I'm So Not Wearing a Dress
Written by:  Julie Merberg
Illustrated by:  Mai Kemble
Published by: Downtown Bookworks, 2010
32 pages

from goodreads.com:
Shelby likes to play sports in her favorite red sneakers. She likes to dig for worms with her best friend, Nate. She does not want to have tea parties with her next door neighbor, Sophie. And when she is asked to be a flower girl in her aunt's wedding, she knows one thing for sure: SHE IS SO NOT WEARING A DRESS!

A spunky heroine, adorable illustrations, and a totally charming story will appeal to the many, many girls who prefer baseball caps to tiaras.

* This was an okay story about Shelby, a tomboy, whose parents try to get her to wear a dress for her aunt's wedding .  Her neighbor Sophie, is of course the complete opposite and girly to the extreme.  My daughter is a complete girly-girl and couldn't really relate well to Shelby.  Unfortunately, Sophie isn't portrayed very well in this book and isn't savvy enough to distinguish a mud cake from real chocolate. The compromise at the end was cute, but overall, this book was not a big hit. If you have a girl who loves to get messy, dig for worms, and hates wearing dresses, this would be a great read!

Family Rating:  So-so.

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