Sunday, October 21, 2012

Beginning Reader Book Review: Dora the Explorer The Halloween Cat

The Halloween Cat

Dora the Explorer: The Halloween Cat
Written by:  Christine Ricci
Illustrated by:  Zina Suanders
Published by: Simon Spotlight/Nick Jr., 2004

Dora and Boots find a lost cat on Halloween. Will they get the cat home in time for the big Halloween party?

* This is a great Halloween read for a beginning reader.  I like the Ready-To-Read series, where you can choose the reading level of your child and then find books that are geared toward that level.  We've read several Dora books and we especially like the ones that have the pictures, like this one, where more difficult words are shown with pictures and the written word.  What I noticed as my son was reading this to me was that he was focusing on the words and not really using the picture clues to help him.  My daughter has outgrown Dora but my son still enjoys watching the show.  What I like about the show and this book (which was probably modeled after the television episode) is that it is interactive.  The reader has to find the flashlight and pick the door with seven spiders.  Of course the story is simple but my son enjoyed it and it is definitely the right time of year to read it.

Family Rating: 1 1/2 thumbs up.

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