Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Children's Book Review: The Leprechaun Who Lost His Rainbow

The Leprechaun Who Lost His Rainbow

The Leprechaun Who Lost His Rainbow
Written by:  Sean Callahan
Illustrated by:  Nancy Cote
Published by: Albert Whitman & Company, 2009
32 pages

It's raining, and Colleen is sad. How can her grandfather play his bagpipes in the St. Patrick's Day parade? His music is so beautiful it makes people laugh and cry at once. Suddenly, a leprechaun appears before her. He says he can make the sun come out by creating a rainbow - but to build its colors, Colleen must give up the thing she holds most dear. Sean Callahan's sweet, surprising story is complemented by Nancy Cote's bright paintings. A note at the end explains the science of rainbows and the Roy G. Biv naming tradition.

* A leprechaun named Roy G. Biv has lost his rainbow.  My kids didn't catch on to his name, which my husband and I explained to them after reading this St. Patrick's Day Story.  Colleen, the young girl in the story, needs to help him if she wants the rain to go away so the parade can go on.  She reluctantly has to give up some of her possessions to help Roy G. Biv create a new rainbow.  At the end though she helps Roy G. Biv and is able to watch her grandfather play his bagpipes in the parade and she gets a special surprise herself.  At the end of the story there's a little info about rainbows.  Overall the adults thought it was, eh, okay.  But the kids seemed to enjoy this St. Patrick's Day story.

Family Rating:  1 thumb up.

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