Monday, November 5, 2012

Children's Book Review: My Teacher for President

My Teacher For President

My Teacher for President
Written by:  Kay Winters
Illustrated by:  Denise Brunkus
Published by:  Dutton Children's Books, 2004
32 pages

Oliver, a savvy second grader, has been learning about the president's job, and it seems to him that his teacher would be the perfect candidate. Look at her qualifications! She loves white houses, she's used to being followed everywhere, she attends lots of meetings, she finds jobs for people, and she believes in peace. Oliver's teacher is depicted during a typical school day contrasted with scenes of his heroine carrying out presidential duties. The apt correlation between these two very important jobs makes the book both useful and amusing.

* Election time is thankfully going to be over soon.  My kids see and hear campaign advertisements on the radio, in flyers we receive in the mail, etc. and are very aware of the upcoming election.  I store extra paper towels, toilet paper, and tissues in the bottom of our large bathroom closet.  The kids have turned that into their "thinking room" where they most recently have been discussing who they are going to vote for in the election.  It's between Obama, Mitt Romney, and Justin Wagner (someone who is running for NY State Senate)!  My daughter has even made her own election posters to decorate the inside of this closet.  Her teachers have talked about the upcoming election at school and she said they are even having a mock election.  So, I thought it would appropriate to read some election themed books to the kids.  In this picture book a little boy, Oliver wrties a letter to the local television station about why he thinks his teacher should be president.  Cute illustrations, (by the same illustrator, Denise Brunkus, of the Junie B. Jones series!) show the similarities of his teacher in action at school and what she would look like doing the same job as president.  As a former teacher, it's touching to think that some students see their teachers in such a positive light.  My kids enjoyed listening and reading this book with me and I think it did a good job of highlighting some of the duties being a president entails.

This book was borrowed from the library.

Family Rating: 1 1/2 thumbs up.

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