Sunday, November 25, 2012

Children's Book Review: Nighttime Ninja

Nighttime Ninja

Nighttime Ninja
Written by:  Barbara DaCosta
Illustrated by:  Ed Young
Published by:  Little Brown and Company, 2012

Late at night, when all is quiet and everyone is asleep, a ninja creeps silently through the house in search of treasure. Soon he reaches his ultimate goal...and gets a big surprise! Will the nighttime ninja complete his mission?

With spare text and lush illustrations, Nighttime Ninja is a fun, adventure-filled story about the power of play and imagination.

A ninja comes out at night while everyone is sleeping to complete his mission.  But what could the mission be?  We were all trying to guess and were suprised to discover what the ninja was trying to do!  The artwork is really the star of this book though.  The illustrations are collages of cut paper and tell the story so well that text is almost not needed.  This was a quick read that we all enjoyed.

This book was borrowed from the library.

Family Rating: 1 thumb up.

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