Saturday, November 17, 2012

Beginning Reader Book Review: Trucksgiving


Written by: Jon Scieszka
Illustrated by:  David Shannon, Loren Long, David Gordon
Published by: Simon Spotlight, 2010

Trucktown has a tradition every year at Trucksgiving.  Find out what it is in the latest Ready to Roll in the New York Times Bestselling series.

* My family, especially my son, is a fan of Jon Scieszka's Trucktown series.  I was excited to see that there was a Ready-to-Roll Reading series based on the characters from the picture books.  Even better was what looked to be a Thanksgiving themed book.  However, after reading this with my son I have to say that I was disappointed.  The trucks are dressed like pilgrims on the front and the book opens with the arrival of the first trucks to Trucktown.  However, the book barely touches upon anything Thanksgiving related except for a feast to thank everyone who helped set up Trucktown.  The illustrations were more relevant with a truck dressed like a turkey and the pilgrims I mentioned previously.  Of course my son enjoyed the book since it featured trucks, which are one of his favorite things.  However, I was expecting a little more and was disappointed.

This book was borrowed from the library.

Family Rating: So-so.

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