Thursday, November 22, 2012

Children's Book Review: One is a Feast for Mouse - A Thanksgiving tale

One Is a Feast for Mouse: A Thanksgiving Tale

One is a Feast for Mouse - A Thanksgiving Tale
Written by: Judy Cox
Illustrated by:  Jeffrey Ebbeler
Published by: Holiday House, 2008

The Thanksgiving feast is over. Mouse spots one pea, which is quite enough for one mouse, but he keeps adding other tidbits. Then Cat sees him, in a story about giving thanks for the little things.

* This is the last of the Thanksgiving book reviews until next year.  In this book a mouse comes out of his hiding spot after the Thanksgiving feast has been eaten.  He scours the table for leftovers and finds one "teensy-tiny, toothsome, green pea."  But then he gets greedy and wants a cranberry, some mashed potatoes and gravy, and of course some pumpkin pie! The cat sees him and disaster occurs.  But mouse is still able to retrieve his pea and is thankful for his feast.  The kids enjoyed this story.  I liked the adjectives used to describe each food ("carrot sticks, crunchy and munchy and orange").  Overall this was a nice, last Thanksgiving read for us.

This book was borrowed from the library.

Family Rating: 1 thumb up.

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