Thursday, January 19, 2012

Children's Book Review: Airy Fairy: Magic Mess!

Airy Fairy:  Magic Mess!
Written by:  Margaret Ryan
Illustrated by:  Teresa Murfin
Originally Published by: Scholastic Ltd., 2003
80 pages

Everybody knows that fairies are charming little creatures, dainty, pretty, and tidy. Airy Fairy is different. Young readers who make her acquaintance soon realize that she does have charm—but dainty? Tidy? Not Airy Fairy! Kids will laugh as they read these stories about the messiest fairy in town. Funny stories, vivid characters, and amusing line art fill the pages of the Airy Fairy series. Each story appears in chapters, just like an adult's novel, but Airy Fairy's humorous adventures are written on a level that will appeal to girls and boys. In this funny story, the fairies at the Academy for Good Fairies are using magic spells to make a birthday gift for Fairy Gropplethorpe. All except Airy Fairy, whose efforts are being badly muddled by the mischief of Scary Fairy. Black-and-white illustrations on nearly every page.

* This is a chapter book, probaby geared toward 2nd or third grade girls. The cover of this book is pink with stars! Of course my daughter is going to want to read it.  We found this together at the library last week.  It's one in a series of Airy Fairy books.  My daughter took the book and read it on her own within a day or two.  She really enjoyed it and requested another book in the series to read. Before returning it back to the library, I thought that I'd take a quick read of it.  I can see the draw of the book to a five year old-it's about fairies casting magic spells and there's a ton of cute black and white sketched illustrations throughout the book.  I like the messages of never giving up, the helpfulness of friends, and the idea that the "bad guy" doesn't win.  Is it quality reading?  No, but it's entertaining for my five year old and I'll take that!

Family Rating: 1 thumb up.

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