Sunday, January 22, 2012

Children's Book Review: Bun Bun Button

Bun Bun Button

Bun Bun Button
Written by:  Patricia Polacco
Published by:  G.P. Putnam's Sons, 2011
40 pages

Paige loves cuddling with Gramma and all of Gramma's pets in the Old Blue Chair. And when Gramma makes her Bun Bun Button, an adorable homemade stuffed bunny with a button nose, this special time becomes even more cozy. Then a balloon carries the little bunny away. Bun Bun braves honking geese and a wide night sky, until luck - or love - magically brings her back home to the little girl who loves her.

This heartwarming story celebrates the special bond between grandparents and grandchildren, and is perfect for children who imagine their toys have secret adventures when no one's watching.
* I am a big fan of Patricia Polacco.  I used to use a lot of her books when I taught 3rd grade.  She's a great story-teller, often using her own experiences and heritage as the backdrop for her stories.  Bun Bun Button is a cute story about a little girl named Paige and the special bunny that her Gramma makes her.  Bun Bun Button ends up going on a big adventure.  My children could relate to the story since they each have a special "lovey" that they have.  We did have to talk about how "lost" loveys don't always end up finding their way back home. 
Family Rating: 1 1/2 thumbs up.

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