Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snow Scrooge

Yes, I am a Snow Scrooge! I hate the white stuff!  And we got several inches of it last night.  The only thing that I liked about winter was the surprise 5 AM phone calls letting me know I had a snow day!  Now that I'm no longer teaching....well, I can't really name one thing that I like about winter. 

The kids were super-excited waking up to our first substantial snow fall since the random storm back in October.  My husband went out to shovel the driveway for a good hour.  The kids were reminded that they had to clean up their toys before they got to go out and play.  My daughter, dressed in her snow suit, dilly-dallied and did very little cleaning.  By the time their things were put away and last bathroom trips were taken my husband had come in and said, "Did you know it's almost 12:30?  Don't you want to give them lunch before they go out?"  So, off came the partially put on snow gear and we ate.  Approximately an hour later (did I mention my daughter was a slow eater?!) the kids were bundled up and ready to go out?  Then we got to the, "Well, who's going to take them outside?" question.  I assumed my husband was and he thought I was, since as he mentioned, he had already spent a good amount of time out there.  Well, did I mention I hate the cold?  Guess who won?!  So, while the kids went out to play in the snow with daddy, I promised to have the hot cocoa ready when they came in. Instead of vegging out on the couch in front of the TV I washed the sheets and decided to make naan to go with our dinner tonight.  Well, as I sit here, my dough hasn't risen....AGAIN!  I've come to the conclusion that I'm a failure with yeast! 

The kids came in all rosy-cheeked and enjoyed their hot cocoa.  It is nice to be warm inside all together enjoying the rest of our snow day.  But really, I'd love to be living some place that's warm (not hot!) 365 days of the year!  Here's to wishing......

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