Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Children's Book Review: Press Here

Press Here

Press Here
Written by:  Herve Tullet
Translated by:  Christopher Franceschelli
Published by: Chronicle Books, 2011

from goodreads.com:
Press the yellow dot on the cover of this book, follow the instructions within, and embark upon a magical journey! Each page of this surprising book instructs the reader to press the dots, shake the pages, tilt the book, and who knows what will happen next! Children and adults alike will giggle with delight as the dots multiply, change direction, and grow in size! Especially remarkable because the adventure occurs on the flat surface of the simple, printed page, this unique picture book about the power of imagination and interactivity will provide read-aloud fun for all ages!

* I knew nothing about this book when I put it on hold at the library. Well, we LOVED this book!  It's a fun, interactive book that incorporates colors, counting, and directionality while using brightly colored dots.  My daughter, who had already read it on her own, came down and read it aloud to us again (right after I had read it to my son) and it was just as amusing the second time around! 

Family Rating:  2 thumbs up!

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