Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Children's Book Review: Princess Penelope

Princess Penelope

Princess Penelope
Written by: Todd Mack
Illustrated by: Julia Gran
Published by:  Scholastic Press, 2003
32 pages

From an original new team comes the perfect gift book for all the little princesses & princes in your kingdom--not your typical princess fare!

"Penelope was a princess. She was absolutely certain..." And why would Penelope think otherwise? After all, she dressed like a princess, traveled like a princess, & ruled her kingdom just like a princess. Does she sound like any little girls you know?

Spare rhythmic text w/ fun refrains makes this perfect for reading aloud. Magical art in swirling candy colors features playful pink bubbles that distinguish Penelope's royal world from the everyday. Here's a loving tribute to one child's rich & fanciful imagination.
* Another princess book for my "princess." This book is about a girl named Penelope who is certain that she's a princess.  Penelope says and does things that my daughter could relate to and she loved all of the pink-filled illustrations. Overall it's a cute, princess story that little girls can relate to and enjoy.
Family Rating: 1 thumbs up.

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