Sunday, July 15, 2012

Children's Books: Dinosoaring


Written by: Deb Lund
Illustrated by:  Howard Fine
Published by:  Harcourt Children's Books, 2012

These daring dinosaurs have conquered land and sea-now they're ready for the sky!
But to get airborne, they need a plan. They dinoblow. They run, push, leap, flap-and take flight! The sky becomes their stage, as they join an air show. Zipping and zooming and dancing on wings, the dinos are soon upside down and dinosick! They decide to bail, hoping their dinochutes will work. They dino-do!
In this exuberant follow up to Dinosailors and All Aboard the Dinotrain, the rollicking rhymes and paintings of reckless reptiles are dinofabulous.

*  My son loves dinosaurs, so I usually put books on hold that feature them without really reading a description of the book.  Told in rhyme this book tells the story of a group of dinosaurs who take to the sky and end up joining an air show.  There was a bit of an overuse with the "dino-" words.  Although I wasn't a big fan, my son enjoyed the story and the colorful illustrations.  This is part of a series including Dinosailors and Dinotrain.  Not sure if we'll be checking those out anytime soon.

Family Rating: 1 thumb up. 

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