Monday, May 21, 2012

Around the World: Afghanistan

Inspired by the new Bravo television show Around the World in 80 Plates and the upcoming Summer Olympics, we have decided to take a trip around the world, from our own home.  This idea came up at dinner one night with me and the kids.  We decided that we'd go through the alphabet in ABC order and choose a different country to learn about and cook dishes from.  We didn't really set a time limit for how long we'd spend on each country and with this being our first one it ended up taking a couple of weeks.

I showed my daughter a list of "A" countries and she chose Afghanistan.  So off to the library we went to find a book about Afghanistan.  We read the book and found Afghanistan on a world map and now my daughter can tell you the capital is Kabul.  The kids colored print outs of the Afghani flag and I made several different Afghani dinners.  Now, this is not a cuisine that I could easily find a cookbook or recipes online for.  I found the site Afghan Culture Unveiled, where I got all of our recipes. I have to say upfront that I did have to modify several of the recipes due to not being able to find ingredients or to make them more kid-friendly. 

We are all excited about this educational and culinary journey!  Not only will we all learn about different countries of the world, but I will get to expand my cooking skills, and we all will get to try new foods.  Join us tomorrow for our first recipe on our journey to Afghanistan.

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