Friday, May 18, 2012

Children's Book Review: Clean Your Room, Harvey Moon!

Clean Your Room, Harvey Moon!

Clean Your Room, Harvey Moon!
Written and illustrated by:  Pat Cummings
Published by:  Bradbury Press, 1991

Harvey Moon's room is a mess! Clothes are everywhere, sticky comic books are shoved under his desk, and there's a cookie under his bed that's so old it's turned gray and fuzzy. What a disaster!

There won't be any cartoons until his room is absolutely spotless. But just when Harvey thinks he's finally done, he discovers that his idea of clean is not the same as his mother's!

* I've mentioned in a previous post that I'm hoping to use some bibliotherapy to get my kids to keep their rooms clean!  I know, who am I kidding, right?!  But I have to try everything!  The other day my daughter had to clean her room before my husband would take the kids to the park.  Her room looked beautiful when she was done.  By bedtime, it was a mess again! 

Told in rhyme, this book tells the story of Harvey Moon.  He wants to spend the day watching cartoons but his mom is making him clean his room.  As Harvey begins cleaning, even my kids were grossed out by some of the stuff that he found in his room! He cleans up most of his things, but ends up hiding the rest in hopes of watching a show.  I like how mom is smart enough to realize what he's up to and calls him out!  I need to show the kids that they can't get away with trying to be sneaky! Overall, this was an okay book about cleaning up a messy to whether it helped my kids learn to keep their rooms clean.....we'll have to see about that!

Family Rating:  1 thumb up.