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Children's Book Review: T. Rex and the Mother's Day Hug

T. Rex and the Mother's Day Hug

T. Rex and the Mother's Day Hug
Written by:  Lois G. Grambling
Illustrated by: Jack E. Davis
Published by: Katherine Tegen Books for HarperCollins, 2008

It's Mother's Day, and T. Rex wants to plan something really special for his mama. He wants to "do" something, not just give something. In this sweet, funny story, Grambling and Davis demonstrate that sometimes less is more.

* Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers out there!  When I was working Mother's Day was a difficult holiday for me. It was hard trying to balance what the mothers wanted to do (mine and my husband's) and what I wanted to do.  At the time, I was a working full-time mother.  For me, being able to sleep in and have some quiet time to myself was all that I wanted.  I didn't want to wake up super early so that I could sit in the car for a 90 minute drive to have brunch with the family.  Now that I'm not working I'm not sure what we're doing today (as I'm actually writing this post several days in advance!).  As long as it involves spending time with my husband and kids I'll be happy!

Although this was my first "T.Rex" book, my daughter is familiar with the character from other picture books that she's seen at school.  Similar to my situation, all Mama T. Rex wants for Mother's Day is a hug.  However, T. Rex wants to do something really special for Mama.  As Mama thinks back to previous Mother's Days (decorating the living room, wall papering the dining room, etc.), she fears what T. Rex has planned.  As much as she loves her son, she's happy that Mother's Day is only once a year!  This was a cute story to celebrate the holiday.

Family Rating: 1 thumb up.

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