Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

In honor of Mother's Day I am not posting a recipe, because today, no mothers should be cooking!  Or at least I certainly don't plan on doing any cooking!

As of now, Friday, when I'm writing this post, we don't actually have any plans for Mother's Day.  My daughter has said that she wants to give me six surprises and breakfast in bed.  I told her that I don't need (or really want!) breakfast in bed.  She can wake me up and have breakfast and my coffee waiting for me in the kitchen.  She has her little heart set on bringing me, "coffee on a little plate and some toast in bed." 

Back in preschool my daughter's teacher asked her different questions and typed up her responses as part of her mother's day present to me.  I still have it and have told my husband I would like him to ask the same questions to the kids and type them up, so I have a record of how their responses have changed. 

It's nice that there's nothing that I need or really want for Mother's Day.  All I have requested is to be able to sleep in and to spend a nice afternoon with the family, in what's supposed to be beautiful weather.  I hope that all of you mothers out there have a very happy Mother's Day! 

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