Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Children's Book Review: Diggy Dan: A Room Cleaning Adventure

Diggy Dan:  A  Room-cleaning Adventure
Written and illustrated by:  Daniel and David Kamish
Published by: Random House, 2001

from goodreads.com:
Timber! Diggy Dan, the sloppy man, has to dig his way out of the mess he calls a bedroom. Mounds of toys, garbage, and clothes cover every inch of his room. Such a mess can be tamed by no ordinary little boy. But when he becomes Caveman Dan, the Prehistoric Man; Rocket Dan, the Outer Space Man; or Cowboy Dan, the Outlaw Man; he is able to take care of dirty walls, offending garbage, and grimy laundry in a snap. Children will love this playful adventure of high imagination and messy rooms.

* As I mentioned in a previous post I'm on a quest to get my kids to keep their rooms clean.  I thought that some bibliotherapy might help!  So I've been putting lots of children's room-cleaning books on hold at the library!  Diggy Dan is written and illustrated by a father and 9 year-old son team which I thought was very cool.  In this book Dan's mother makes him stay in on a Saturday to clean up his room.  As he starts cleaning he is no longer Dan but an Archaeology Man, a Caveman, and a Pirate Man among other characters, as he gets him room in order. With the types of toys in Dan's room my son could relate more to this story than my daughter could.  No big changes in room-cleaning behavior yet.....reading on......

Family Rating: 1 thumb up.

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