Thursday, April 26, 2012

Children's Book Review: Lunchroom Lizard

Lunchroom Lizard

Lunchroom Lizard
Written and illustrated by:  Daniel Kirk
Published by:  G.P. Putnam's Sons, 2004

In the school cafeteria, lunch is much more than just a meal--It's a chaotic event. Tables buzz with activity as kids admire new lunchboxes, search out lost meals and try to keep track of who is sitting next to whom. When a hungry--and determined--gecko gets thrown into the mix, lunchtime really gets turned upside down. This rollicking look at lunchroom escapades is brought to uproarious life by Daniel Kirk's dynamic illustrations.

* One of the nice things about teaching elementary school was that I didn't have to do lunch duty.  Unfortunately, the middle school teachers at my school did.  The noise, the chaos, the's real!  In this story, Gil, the gecko, escapes out of his tank and travels down to the school cafeteria.  There's not really much of a story line in this book.  It's more about the observations that Gil makes being in the lunchroom.  There's text along with a lot of speech bubbles.  The kids had fun finding Gil in the pictures, but the dialogue was a little difficult for them to keep up with.  The book can be used with older kids to help reinforce telling time, as there are clocks counting down lunch time.

Family Rating: So-so.

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