Friday, April 6, 2012

Children's Book Review: Sophie's Fish

Sophie's Fish

Sophie's Fish
Written by:  A.E. Cannon
Illustrated by: Lee White
Published by: Viking, 2012

Jake starts to worry about everything that could go wrong when he agrees to take care of his friend Sophie's fish for the weekend.

* Jake's classmate Sophie asks him to take care of her fish over the weekend.  Unfortunately, Jake has never had a fish and knows nothing about taking care of them.  He worries himself with different scenarios of what ifs....Sophie calms his fears, letting Jake know that he only has to feed Yo-Yo twice a day.  Of course there's a surprise ending!  As we continue to talk about different pets for our family, fish have never been at the top of our list.  In the past (when my daughter has been too young to remember) we had a couple of goldfish that unfortunately didn't last very long.  This book helped support the idea that you don't really do much having a fish as a pet.  The kids enjoyed this story and haven't started asking for a pet fish!

Family Rating:  1 thumbs up.

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