Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Children's Book Review: Presenting...Tallulah


Written by:  Tori Spelling
Illustrated by:  Vanessa Brantley Newton
Published by: Aladdin, 2010

from goodreads.com:
In her debut picture book, "New York Times"-bestselling author Spelling brings readers the uplifting story of a spunky little girl who, with the help of some special friends, is able to discover her true self--and to let her spirit shine.

* I've become a fan of Tori Spelling a lot more since the days of Beverly Hills 90210.  I used to watch Home Sweet Home but have yet to catch an episode of Home Sweet Hollywood.  I've also read almost all of her adult books.  She definitely seems down-to-earth and relatable.  I didn't even know that she had written a picture book so I was excited and curious to check it out after I found it on the library bookshelf.    In this story, Tallulah, isn't allowed to talk loud, get dirty, or bring a sandwich for lunch because she's "not that kind of girl."  She wears frilly dresses, eats sushi for lunch, and gets chauffered to school.  Everyone thinks that they know who Tallulah is, but they really don't.  She meets Max, the new boy in school and they rescue a puppy stuck in a pond (a pug though? really?!!!).  This event gives her the courage to stand up for who she really is.  The illustrations were bright and eye-catching.  Overall though we thought the story was just okay.

Family Rating: 1 thumb up.

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