Monday, April 9, 2012

Children's Book Review: My Side of the Car

My Side of the Car

My Side of the Car
Written by:  Kate Feiffer
Illustrated by:  Jules Feiffer
Published by:  Candlewick Press, 2011

Sadie has wanted to go the zoo forever, but something always gets in the way. Not today! Today they are finally on their way, and nothing can stop them - not a broken arm or a lost dog or a surprise visit. Not even her dad’s observation: "Sadie, it’s raining." Because when Sadie looks out her window, not only is it not raining on her side of the car, the sun is shining and people are watering their lawns and wearing sunglasses. Even when the road on Dad’s side starts looking more like a river, Sadie can barely see a raindrop fall on her side of the car. This warmhearted tale of a child’s optimism and a father’s loving patience is guaranteed to tickle the funny bone, no matter the weather.

* I liked that this book was written/illustrated by a daughter/father and was inspired by real-life events.  Sometimes children want something so badly that they convince themselves otherwise, when things don't go their way.  In this story Sadie wants to go to the zoo so badly that even though it's raining on their drive to the zoo, when she looks out her window it's sunny out.  The father in this story was definitely a lot more patient than I could ever be.  Luckily, his patience works out in the end.  As I sit here pondering, I can't think of a time when my kids and I had a similar experience, although I know they are still young!  Overall, this was a cute story that the family enjoyed.

Family Rating: 1 thumb up.

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