Saturday, June 16, 2012

Children's Book Review: Daddies do it Different

Daddies Do It Different

Daddies do it Different
Written by:  Alan Lawrence Sitomer
Illustrated by:  Abby Carter
Published by:  Disney Hyperion, 2012

Daddy sure doesn't do things the way Mommy does Just in time for Father's Day, this hilarious picture book takes a high-spirited look at the way dads put their own spin on different parts of a child's life--from going to a birthday party to bathtime. Alan Sitomer's debut picture book is inspired by his own experiences as a father and winningly complemented with delightful art by Abby Carter.

* This book was very fitting for our family.  In our house, Daddy definitely does things different than Mommy.  We could relate to so many things in this story.  When Mommy dresses the girl she looks extra cute, but when Daddy dresses her, her barrettes are crooked and her outfits don't match.  (This sounds familiar!).  Mommy feeds the girl a  yummy breakfast but Daddy makes waffle forts and gets syrup on the dog (Okay, we don't have a dog and their Daddy doesn't make waffle forts.....but sometimes he'll forget to give them some fruit and juice with their bowl of cereal on the weekend!).  This book was really cute in showing that mommies and daddies can do things different.  That's not to say that there's a right or wrong way either.....just a different way!  However, the author shows that when it's time to tuck the girl in and kiss her goodnight, Mommy and Daddy do it the same way.  I think it's good for the kids to see that my husband and I do things differently.  They even point it out to us, "But Mommy (or Daddy!) doesn't do it that way!"  And our answers are always the same, that it's okay, but they need to do it the way whoever's in charge at the time (if we're not together) wants to do it.  I think it's teaching them flexibility and adaptibility.  Plus, it's showing them that we're each entitled to our own opinions of how things should be done.  However, on the big things, like discipline, my husband and I are always on the same page and the kids know it!  This is a cute book to read the kids, and seems especially timely for Father's Day!

Family Rating:  2 thumbs up!

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