Saturday, June 30, 2012

Around The World: Brazil

I know it's been awhile since I featured an Around the World post.  We decided as a family to go alphabetically and learn about different countries.  We plan on reading books, coloring flags, finding the country on a map, and of course cooking food from the featured country.  Last month my daughter picked Afghanstian for the letter A.  This month she had first picked Bolivia, but I had a really difficult time finding recipes.  So, she willingly switched to Brazil.  We are coloring the Brazilian flag to add to our collection and will be learning more about the country.  In the upcoming days I will feature the recipes that we have cooked.  After slaving away at the stove on a couple of occasions to cook a meal that the kids weren't very appreciative of I have decided that for our next country we will be cooking as a family together, on the weekends only.  I think that this will be a good family bonding activity and the kids will hopefully be more appreciative of the hardwork that it takes to make some of these dishes!  Stay tuned as tomorrow I feature our first Brazilian recipe!

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