Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Children's Book Review: The Last Day of Kindergarten

The Last Day of Kindergarten

The Last Day of Kindergarten
Written by:  Nancy Loewen
Illustrated by:  Sachiko Yoshikawa
Published by: Marshall Cavendish Children, 2011

A little girl is worried about first grade and wishes it were the first day of kindergarten again.

* Last Thursday was my daughter's last day of kindergarten.  I cannot believe how quickly her first year of school passed by.  I'm happy that she had such a great year and cannot believe that she's a soon-to-be 1st grader now!  I'm also sad that she's growing up so quickly!  I had put this book on hold at the library in anticipation of reading it to my daughter on her last day of school. She patiently kept the book on our "to be read" picture book pile until her last day.  We actually brought the book out with us to wait for the bus and took some pictures with her holding it.  We then read it before the bus came.  In this story a little girl on her last day of kindergarten wishes it was the first day of school.  She reflects back on the things that she'll get to do if it was the first day of school.  She then talks about the things that she does do on the last day, like taking pictures off the classroom walls and throwing out the stubby crayons.  The book ends with her moving up/graduation from kindergarten ceremony.  I have to say that I got a little teary reading this to her.  The only thing that I didn't like in this book was the big focus at the end on the graduation ceremony.  Since my daughter's staying in the same school for first grade she didn't have a graduation ceremony or receive a diploma for completing kindergarten.  When she got home from her last half-day of school she went up to her room and made herself her own diploma! 

Family Rating: 1 1/2 thumbs up.

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