Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Children's Book Review: I Spy with My Little Eye

I Spy With My Little Eye

I Spy with My Little Eye
Written and illustrated by:  Edward Gibbs
Published by:  Templar Books, 2011

from goodreads.com:
Look through this eye-catching book’s special spy hole to discover a world of animal colors!

Have you ever played the I-spy game? Debut artist Edward Gibbs takes the game to a whole new level in this picture book with spy holes. Peeking through the pages, children will be able to spot a different colored animal every time, and guess what it is using a simple, factual clue. Bold illustrations and die-cut holes will absorb young readers as they learn about colors and animal names.
* We have played the I-spy game on long car rides, so my kids are familiar with it.  This book was a great interactive book to read with the family. There's a big circular cut-out with a color behind it.  On the opposite side is a port hole with a picture of the animal's eye.  There's also a speech bubble with the animal giving a clue to it's identity.  I covered the clue with my hand and had the kids try to guess what the animal was based on the picture clues.  Then after they had guessed I'd read the clue and see if that changed their mind as to who the animal was. The illustrations are colorful and bright. We had a lot of fun with this book. 
Family Rating: 1 1/2 thumbs up.

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