Monday, February 27, 2012

Children's Book Review: Don't Worry, Douglas!

Don't Worry, Douglas!

Don't Worry, Douglas!
Written by:  David Melling
Published by: Tiger Tales, 2011

Douglas the big, brown, lovable bear is back! His dad gives him a special gift, a new woolly hat! But then something terrible happens. Douglas's hat gets caught on a tree and turns into one long string of spaghetti! How will he ever tell his dad? Douglas learns that it takes a BIG bear to tell the truth in this heartwarming and hilarious follow-up to "Hugless Douglas"!

* Only after reading the author info on the jacket cover did I realize that Douglas stars in another book!  Douglas's dad gives him a nice, new, red hat and tells him to, "Take care of it!" The kids and I were gasping in horror when we saw what happened to the hat.  They were also laughing out loud at all of the illustrations that showed the suggestions his friends made when he asked them for help.  Will he work up the nerve to tell his dad what really happened?  This led us to discuss if Douglas ruined his hat on purpose or if it was an accident.  The kids really enjoyed this book a lot!

Family Rating:  two thumbs up!

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