Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Childrens' Book Review: Too Purpley!

Too Purpley!

Too Purpley!
Written by: Jean Reidy
Illustrated by: Genevieve Leloup
Published by: Bloomsbury Publishing, 2010
32 pages

from goodreads.com:
Too purpley, too tickly, too puckery, too prickly!

There is not a single outfit in the closet that our little fashion plate wants to wear. She tries on everything, but nothing is quite right. And the outfits are getting wilder by the minute!

It's a scene that is all too familiar to parents, wrapped up in a package that is all too difficult to resist: a playful rhyme scheme and colorful, textile-driven art.

* The color and cover of this book is the first thing that caught my eye.   The girl in this story goes through a ton of outfits having a complaint about each one.  The story is told in short, descriptive, rhyming phrases. The illustrations are colorful and cute with some outrageous outfits.  Fortunately for me, my daughter is pretty good about wearing what I pick out for her and not complaining too much! For picky dressers, this book will surely please!  Unfortunately, we couldn't relate very much.
Family Rating:  So-so.

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