Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Children's Book Review: Too Busy Marco

Too Busy Marco

Too Busy Marco
Written by: Roz Chast
Published by: Atheneum, 2010
32 pages

It's time for bed again, and Marco, a small red bird who lives with his (human) mother and father, simply has too much to do! He's got masterpieces to paint, underwater inventions to create, halfpipes to skate — or better yet, inventions to create so that he can paint underwater while skateboarding at a world-class level! How can it possibly all get done? When one idea builds on top of another, and every object he encounters just screams inspiration, why would Marco ever want to put on his pajamas and brush his beak? With humor and a great deal of energy, this delightful new character from acclaimed illustrator Roz Chast will rev kids up and wear them out—just in time for bed.

* My kids always seem to be in the middle of something when we tell them that it's time to get ready for bed. In Too Busy Marco, Marco, a bird, doesn't want to go to bed because he has so many things that he wants to do! Author/illustrator Roz Chast is a cartoonist for the New Yorker and her illustrations in this book are detailed and colorful.  The story falls a little flat for me.  A bird with a mother that's human? Then after a huge list of things that he wants to be and do Uncle Ed, a bird that bowls is thrown in to the mix.....there might possibly be a little too much going on in this book. 

Family Rating:  So-so.

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